1 Touch Control

Home Networking Made Easier

Relax and enjoy peace of mind knowing that all your appliances are being taken care of!

Our home networking structure consists of a variety and combination of installation practices which are catered to your needs and your lifestyle. All amenities are designed to be monitored from one system using just a single remote control, which can be accessed using anyone of your devices such as mobile phone, tablet, laptop and PC desktop.

We provide and install HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) via internet controlled thermostat which give you full control of your climate and network. In addition, our Lighting Control Systems is designed to provide a better mood and environment for you home.

You can also switch the Audio-Visual distribution of your home entertainment systems as well as automate the control of blinds and curtains (shading) which can be used for presence simulation, privacy, temperature and brightness control

Our automated system comprises of motion sensors, controllers, Acuators, Buses and Interfaces for human/computer interaction. With these devices you can detect your surroundings (Temperature, humidity light), use motorized valves for light switches and have wireless or wired communication.
Using special hardware, almost any household appliance can be monitored and controlled automatically or remotely, including cooking appliances, swimming pool systems, and others.

InControl the company with a passion for making your home electronics work for you.
We have included our passion in our business name “We Put You ‘In Control’ Of Your Technology”