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My first dismantle… learning by feeling

Aged 10, I started with what would be the first of many deconstructions – breaking down a gadget to re-build a new, improved version. Only all didn’t go quite to plan.

The gadget in question was my father’s newly delivered recordgram. Having watched the delivery man unpack it, set it up and test it, that was it – an instant spark and lifelong passion for electronics was born. Just as soon as the delivery man left, I began exploring – dismantling the recordgram to reach the operating and control devices. Time flew by. Before I knew it, my dad had arrived home and I was caught red-handed.

My first works shop… the cellar

My father gave me the chance to put together what I’d taken apart. Which I did (and he was duly impressed at my natural abilities with tech).

From that day forward all of my electronic investigations took place in the cellar, in which my workshop slowly took shape. Over the coming years I’d grow a local community audio-repair service. Friends, family and neighbours arrived in increasing numbers with gadgets that demanded TLC and often complex repairs.

Eventually I’d branch out into creating party music systems, complete with large speaker boxes and amps for jumping, pumping sounds.


Moving on to smart electronics

My love of music and reproduction culminated in the creation of ‘The Producer’ – a graphical mixing machine (which would later be known as a hi-fi and stage sound equalizer).

Its development was pain-staking. It took months to perfect the multiple variable tone correctors which removed the vocal elements of the music – allowing MCs, singers and rappers to hear themselves above the music.

At the time it was revolutionary. And so off I headed off to the Prince’s Trust.


Scooping the award and meeting Prince Charles

Going up against the likes of Sony, I won the Prince’s Trust Award. HRH Prince Charles himself likened me to Clive Sinclair (an entrepreneur and writer in the field of consumer electronics). Needless to say, this gave me a real boost.


Freelance Engineer – encounters with the users of smart electronics

As a freelance engineer I worked alongside many producers; it took me overseas, to theme parks and to visitor centres. It was during this time that I developed mission-critical programming wiring procedures and construction techniques.

I continue to apply all that I learned over this years to residential, design and installations.

 Into the boardroom…

During my career as a freelance engineer I installed, commissioned and programmed a long line up of AV systems in company boardrooms. This took me into many blue-chip companies, where cutting-edge presentation systems and conference calling was required.

Surprisingly there was a fear here – many company directors dreaded stepping up to the lectern. This was rooted in simple tasks – like pausing the presentation, or returning the room to light for the answering of questions.

Quickly I realised that these problems began and ended with the design of the systems, and the manufacturers not understanding or addressing client requirements. Too complex, manuals that were too lengthy. Everything needed to be simpler, more intuitive. So I began to go out of my way to create interfaces that were minimalistic – sometimes with just a single button.

This need for simplicity has shaped InControl and its products. Ultimately, this ensures that our technology works for you (not the other way around).


InControl sets up shop – created with a single aim of creating better, more secure homes, minus the complexity. Over the coming years, we’ve won awards, grew to a team of four and became regarded as an important voice in the industry – speaking at many international conferences.

Technophobes, you’re welcome here…

No good with technology? It’s not you, it’s the manufacturers. We can help. My personal mission is to rid your home of baskets of remote controls. Forget having to commit hours to learning new tech or reading manuals. Our solutions are simple and intuitive.

“I’m passionate about technology and all that it can do. I thrive on specifications, data and system design. But that wasn’t why I started InControl. In fact – I set up in business for the exact opposite reason.

You see, consumers are often overwhelmed by the technical details – the nuts and bolts that really should be left to the engineers. InControl presents what’s possible – in terms of a safer home, atmospheric lighting, at-home entertainment and environmental comfort.

 Simplicity – that’s the core focus on InControl. Everything else is just noise”.

Richard Leslie, Founder of InControl

Here’s how we simplify and streamline…

We start with a consultation – you’re in control. You’ll tell us how you want to take charge of your tech…

  • A single button
  • A simple touch screen layout
  • A traditional style wall flip for lighting control
  • Or short Alexa voice commands

No flashy buttons. No unnecessary steps.

We’ll declutter your options and your living space.

Before you go…

You should hear, see or feel the difference

Be wary of companies that say they get it right from the get-go. Unless they’re dealing with a duplicate system, they’ll need to correct and integrate (which always means de-bugging the system once in-situa).

Your system will also need maintenance. Any electronic system is prone to outside effects. We’ll be there to keep the sounds sharp and your security robust.

Some of our most prestigious projects…

We work with system designers and installers who are as passionate as we are about exceptional solutions for everyday living, made comfortable, entertaining and secure.

Our work has taken us around the world. Here are some of our most illustrious projects:-

  • Metropolis Film park – Postdam, Germany
  • Play Zone – Millenium Dome, London, UK
  • Magna Science Centre – Rotherham, UK
  • The Titanic Movie Tour – Wembley, UK
  • BP Headquarters – London, UK
  • M&M World – Las Vegas, USA
  • Legoland – California, USA
  • Cyberport – Hong Kong


“The entire experience has been absolutely incredible from the moment we’ve opened our front door. It’s unusual to get someone who really wows you in terms of their customer service, but they did!”

Samantha Green

Chicago, IL

“Your company handled everything perfectly: from design to implementation. The on-site technicians went above and beyond to make sure the interface was customized to our lifestyle and preferences.”

Angie Allen

Chicago, IL

“These guys know their stuff. The controls for lighting, alarm, climate and media worked immediately after the installation. Everything just sort of fell into place after a short while. Can’t recommend!”

Madeline Butler

Chicago, IL

“The entire experience has been absolutely incredible, this was our second stage install from in control we have known Richerd and his team for years. Still getting over the fact that i can now use one remote to control all my husband’s equipment even though my preferences is Sky TV and some classical music and of course Netflix, those great guys at Incontrol provided. we had few requests and changes but nothing was to much trouble for Incontrol, now feel safe and uncomplicated not to mention decluttered.”

Barbra & Colin

Macintosh, Sutton
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