Thinking of your Smart Home ? read this ….

LIFESTYLE CONSULTATION In Control are the company with a passion for making your home technology work for you, so the first step to creating your Smart Home is a consultation with us. At In Control we love to meet and chat with our customers. We take time to understand your lifestyle and requirements in order to fulfil your expectations and …

How to solve your Home Remote Control issues.

Remote controllers have certainly made our lives a lot easier. You can use them to control your Security Cameras, HVAC System, Television Box, Home Theatre or even the music & lighting system. But the sheer number of multiple remotes lying around your house means the idea of locating the right remote for the right appliance is a job in itself… …

How to get the most from your new London Apartment

                      SMART LIVING IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND Control your apartment from your phone or remote – wherever you are As the winter nights approach, imagine returning to a warm home and relaxing into the settee, a casserole already cooking as you enjoy your favourite music, soothed by low …

Tips on How to get the big Picture this Christmas

 How to get the  BIG picture this Christmas  !! 0208 763 0739 Couple the “Simple Control” system with a projector and screen and take your viewing pleasure to the next level bringing the BIG match to life in your front room. Never miss a match and enjoy the thrill and excitement of premier league action from the comfort of your own …

Nest meets hue

Nest meets hue Nest® and Philips hue have teamed up for you to get the most out of both products. Sourced through from: Great Integration , with less controllers  to worry about

Plug&play cam with interesting features

Sourced through from: What a pleasant  plug-and-play camera that pans and tilts, for real-time streaming to the app. Practical and pretty!

‘BioPhone’ can do pulse-tracking even when it’s in your pocket

Don’t like wearing fitness trackers? You might find this new study dubbed “BioPhone” by a group of scientists from MIT’s Media Lab interesting, then: they’re exploring the possibility of using commercially available phones to monitor your heart… Sourced through from: Was there an external sensor mentioned here?