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How In Control Works with Clients

Simple, effective technology is what everyone wants.

Amazing advances in the ways technology can help us have been made – yet technical jargon turns us off. We know our clients are interested in us handling the technical side and handing over an easy to use system that works just like they want it to.

After all – technology is man made – so let’s make it work.

In Control use diagrams and hands on demonstrations to demonstrate what a system can do and how it works. However, if you prefer a detailed walk through for each component, we are happy to oblige.

We provide systems that work independently – meaning that even if the brain fails the system can still operate.

i.e. Automatic cars have a CPU, if it fails, you cannot drive. If your boiler’s board breaks, you have no hot water.

Our systems are different. Each sub system is a standalone entity – making sure you are always In Control.

In Control


We sit down and discuss our customers’ needs, what they want to achieve and where they want it to happen.



in control

Visual Presentation

Combining architectural floor plans with pictures that represent equipment, we can illustrate how we have interpreted our client’s needs.



In Control Spreadsheet


This lists hardware and facilities each location will benefit from.



In Control Brief


Finally a detailed scope of works outlining our brief and how we have achieved it, alongside a proposal listing all necessary equipment, gives the customer a complete view of the project.

The only limit to our capability is your imagination.