Heating and Air Conditioning

Be IN Control of your sanctuary

Our aim is to provide you with state-of-the-art technology that dramatically simplifies
daily management of your home.

Our HVAC split systems enables you to monitor the inside temperature and humidity of your home. This system is remotely controlled through an Internet based thermostat that enables you to control the heating, cooling and ventilation levels inside your house. It also includes a complete Building Management System (BMS) in which you can use a single remote control to centralize and monitor atmospheric levels of your home.

There are also controllers installed which manages the automatic opening and closing of windows and doors.

Our systems can help you reduce your carbon foot print, allowing you to only utilize what you need and avoid unnecessary wastage of energy.

InControl the company with a passion for making your home electronics work for you.
We have included our passion in our business name “We Put You ‘In Control’ Of Your Technology”