Mood Lighting

You decide your atmosphere!

Sit back and let us transform your home at the touch of a button, creating a dramatic and relaxing effect with complete control of desired home environment. Whether you’re hosting a party or want a quiet night in, the right environment is at your fingertips!

Our highly efficient mood lighting feature is controlled using a wall-mounted touch pad and connects to your phone or tablet, enabling you to control the lighting of your home and give you the ambience that suits your home. You can program the lighting features and set them to automate according to your desire, meaning at the times you choose, the lighting will automatically change and update to your settings.

So no matter what kind of fixtures and fittings are in your home, the perfect lighting is available so that your entire home is well balanced with correct mood lighting as well as visual appeal of your surroundings.

InControl the company with a passion for making your home electronics work for you.
We have included our passion in our business name “We Put You ‘In Control’ Of Your Technology”