Following the Lifestyle Consultation and Room Design, In Control will provide you with a detailed and fully comprehensive plan and price breakdown, using references from the final design, with images next to clear descriptions. This ensures customers completely understand what their Residential AV System will include, allowing consistency and familiarisation with all key elements of the project.

The plan will break down the proposal to explain all elements of In Control’s Smart Home installation and the associated costs.

What You Will Hear

Our AudioVisual installations are not just about hardware such as speakers, amps, digital tuners and turntables. We will take your music collection, whether it’s on iTunes, vinyl or a combination of media, and give you the technology to play it anywhere in your home. The price for this will be quoted in advance and added to your final plan and price.

What You Will See

The latest AudioVisual technology can deliver an incredible home theatre experience in ultra HD . We regularly design complete home cinemas for clients and can line up your entire film collection, ready to roll the moment you sit down. We also make sure your technology looks as good as is performs, and our intelligent lighting solutions allow you to create the perfect ambience at the flick of a single switch, or the push of a button. We will list everything agreed at the Lifestyle Consultation in our plan, ready for you to approve.

What You Will Touch

This is the clever bit. We give you the ability to control everything – audio, TV, Movies , data, lighting, air con, heating CCTV– from anywhere in the home. Rather than having a pile of remotes, we design control solutions that can be operated from any remote, your phone, tablet, or even a fixed panel in each room. Our software team will find ways to integrate everything you use in one wireless system and this will be detailed on the plan.

We’ve been installing systems for over 20 years and one of our missions is to eliminate the need for a basket full of remote controls used to control home entertainment.

In Control provides competitively prices and offers a one room solution package that uses one remote device to control the clients existing TV, movies, with sound and streamed music for prices from £799 plus VAT. Your bespoke plan and final price will depend upon your individual design and any add-ons, and we will talk you through each part of the proposal to ensure you are completely happy with it before we begin the installation.

We only use highly reputed hardware from selected manufacturers, including Kensington Audio, Control4 for Home Automation systems and Creston for mobile control apps. However we are not tied to any brand or supplier so we are completely independent when recommending technology. We work out what is best for you, your home and your budget. Simple as that.