They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and In Control prides itself on providing clear illustrations to help you visualise where your home electronics will be installed. TV, speakers, lights switches, CCTV cameras…each will be clearly labelled on your Smart Home design, and then itemised on a spreadsheet listing each room to be included.

Homes are not sound studios. They are places we share with other people, and precious possessions. Your technology has to fit your lifestyle and match your sense of style. Aesthetics and acoustics need to work together, so we try hard not to compromise either. Will carbon fibre speakers look right in your oak-panelled drawing room? Perhaps not. In that case we will conceal them within the walls or build bespoke oak enclosures. Do you like listening to music in your bathroom? If so, ensuring we can still provide the kind of rich, clear sound we insist upon is paramount, so if that means hiding speakers behind your Victorian roll-top bath, we’ll do it.
We also go beyond aesthetics. In Control are an environmentally friendly company and our luxury AV systems are designed to reduce your carbon footprint using seamless technology with all your devices, for example so that your TVs are set to go onto standby whenever possible.

For technophobes who dream of a luxury AV installation but are scared of the work involved, there is nothing to fear. As expert AV consultants, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to interior design and providing the relevant electronics for individual needs. All you need to do is tell us what you want from your home entertainment. We will take care of the rest.