Security and CCTV

Take your home out of the dark ages.
Home security has changed. Alarm systems have advanced, beyond recognition.
Today, your family can be robustly protected, affordably, with security solutions from Control4.
Get notified of daily ins and outs by smartphone, schedule your lighting, remotely access your cameras and incorporate audio into your system.

How to choose the right home security system
Every 45 seconds there is an attempted burglary. Every 76 seconds, these intruders are successful.
Make the right choice of system. And don’t become a part of the statistic.
Choosing a home security system means that you’re 300% less likely to be broken into than homes without an alarm system. Yet any old security system simply isn’t good enough.
You need to plan for every possibility. Cameras are a solid deterrent, but if burglars do break in, you need the peace of mind that an alarm will scare them off. And for those that don’t run, the final weapon in your arsenal – an automatic call to the police – will ensure the best possible chance of capture.

Home Security Systems protect families
Take care of those who matter. With an automated, integrated system. The pinnacle of home security.
Enough is never enough when it comes to keeping your home and family safe. Put simply? Control4 provides a new, innovative layer of security – protecting your home and family to elevated levels.
Control – it’s placed at your fingertips with an app. Turn lights on and off, lock and unlock doors, view your cameras and know that your home, your loved ones, are safe. If something should happen, you’ll be the first to know through an instant notification.

Next generation security.
We make it our business.
Think beautiful alarm interface.

Think thermal cameras that can be your eyes at night, and your fire brigade at all the times.
Think facial recognition – for images of intruders sent to the authorities in an instant.

Imagine a home ANPR feature – for gates that automatically open upon recognising your number plate. And a notification when an unknown vehicle is detected.
Imagine a home security system customisable for any budget.

This is surveillance, enhanced. Threats, overcome.
This is next gen security to wrap your family in a robust layer of protection.
All from a company that cares.
Sound interesting? Then perhaps we should talk.

10 Questions to ask a home security company

Ask the right questions. Make the right choice.
1. Are you a member of a recognised security association?
2. How many years have you been in business for?
3. Does the home security system have its own monitoring centre?
4. What happens if I cancel my internet – will the system still work?
5. Can I have a non-monitored alarm system?
6. What will happen if/when I choose to move?
7. Do I have access to round the clock support?
8. Can I see previous projects and read past customer testimonials?
9. What’s the average response time to alarms?
10. Can you provide proof of the alarm system to my insurers?