Security and CCTV

We’re in the area.
So is a criminal network of burglars.
Who would you prefer to have in your home?

Unfortunately your gated community is a prime local target for burglars. We’ve been looking after several of your neighbours that have just suffered break ins. We’re helping them to bolster their security with solid advice and an advanced CCTV monitoring system.

Every 45 seconds there is an attempted burglary. Every 76 seconds, these intruders are successful.
1 in 5 people report having being burgled at some point during their life, while 1 in 4 burglary victims will once again fall victim again in the future.

An advanced CCTV system…
For a threat that’s never been more serious
This is state-of- the-art technology – the next generation of CCTV that knows the difference between burglar, and animal, between wind and intruder. Our CCTV technology is more advanced than others in the industry – capable of being carried in your pocket, by way of a smartphone; and because accessing the CCTV is all done by an app, anyone that you select (such as a relative or someone you trust) could also be looking out for you and your home. Now that’s peace of mind.

You can now stream live video in and around your home, receive live clips and images on your phone, computer or tablet of all events that occur around your home. You will receive notifications of unusual activity derived from motion sensor detectors in dark and low-light indoor environments for added peace of mind.

We can keep a watchful, protective eye on your property
With our advanced surveillance technology, you can have complete confidence that, should an intruder gain access to your home, their pictures will be sent to the authorities immediately. This has never been more important, especially since only 14 in every 100 burglaries result in an arrest.
You also have the option of our team monitoring your CCTV for you – an added layer of security, with an exceptional response time.

Outsmart those who may attempt to break into your home
Book a FREE security assessment

Over the coming weeks we’re in your area, and as we’ll be local to you we’re offering you a FREE security review. During this 30 minute meeting we’ll provide you with vital advice and insight to help make your home more secure.
No obligation, no pressure to purchase anything at all – simply good security advice that can help to keep you, your family and your home safe. Together we can outsmart the intruders, let’s make your home security smart.
Discover peace of mind, robust protection and unparalleled security.
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